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baking pans, ptfe coating, ceramic coating, wheel restoration, sandblasting

Ambrož Kavs s.p.
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Wheel spacers
Mini Cooper tuning


About the company

The company Kovinoplast was founded in 1968 by Edmund Poberaj and started off as a workshop. In 1985 it was taken over by Ivan Kavs and has been owned by his son Ambrož Kavs since 2010.

The primary activity of the workshop was thermal and mechanical treatment of metals, but was quickly followed by an additional activity: application of non-stick ptfe coating in the early 80s. After Slovenia gained independence in 1991, the company began actively working in the field of ptfe coatings for the food industry and equipped a number of bakeries in Slovenia with quality bakery pans and trays. The company follows the latest trends and thus offers PTFE coatings for both the food industry and ptfe coatings for mechanical parts which demand highly resistant coatings.

In the recent years, the company also offers ceramic coatings which provide excellent thermal protection for different car parts (for example: car exhaust manifold, etc.).
In addition to ptfe coatings, the company has specialized in wheels (rim) restoration using powder coating.

The company is still active in the field of thermal and mechanical treatment of metals which has done on modern CNC machines since 2000. The production aims mainly at the automotive industry.

Since 2005, the company focuses also on motorsport through specially developed and manufactured parts for MINI Cooper cars. The production has recently expanded also on other car brands by producing wheel spacers for all vehicles - also custom made.

Most parts are tested abroad and have achieved great success in recent years. 99% of all tuning parts are exported to foreign countries.

Company information:

Kovinoplast Ambrož Kavs s.p.
Brežič 9
5220 Tolmin

tel: +386 (0)5 38-19-710
fax: +386(0)5 38-19-716
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